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What tests must I pass?

The State of Ohio requires drivers to pass the following tests:

Written Knowledge Test
• The written knowledge test consists of multiple-choice questions about Ohio traffic laws, safe driving practices and road signs. You must correctly answer 15 out of 20 motor vehicle questions and 15 out of 20 road signs questions to pass the test.

Vision Examination
• You must be able to pass the vision examination with a visual acuity of 20/40 in both eyes together with or without the use of corrective lenses. If your vision is less than 20/40 but not worse than 20/70, you will be restricted to driving during daylight hours only. You must have a visual field of 70 degrees on both sides of the fixation point. If your visual field is 70 degrees on one side and 34 degrees on the other side of fixation, you will be restricted to driving a vehicle with an outside mirror mounted on the side of the more limited visual field.

Driving Test
• During the driving test, the examiner will rate you on how well your perform the following tasks:

1. Stopping and starting the vehicle
2. Backing the vehicle up
3. Making proper turns
4. Driving in the proper lane
5. Maintaining a safe following distance

You must have a score of at least 75 points in order to pass the test. The examiner will also administer a maneuverability test and you must receive a score of 75 points in order to pass the test.