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What do I need before I can get my permit?

Before applying for an Instruction Permit, you should study the Utah Driver Handbook, which covers the following topics:

• Chapter 1—Utah’s Classified License System
• Chapter 2—Obtaining a Driver License
• Chapter 3—Rules of the Road
• Chapter 4—Traffic Signs, Signals and Road Markings
• Chapter 5—Basic Driving Skills
• Chapter 6—How Crashes May Affect You
• Chapter 7—Special Subjects and Interests For Drivers
• Chapter 8—License Revocations and Suspension, alcohol, Point System, Driving Records
• Chapter 9—Registration, Inspection and Equipment
• Chapter 10—Information For RV’s and Large Vehicles

The handbook can be found online at the Utah Department of Public Safety Driver License Division website or at any local driver license office.